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Das Boot, our flagship product will fit any glass water pipe with a 4.5" - 6.5" diameter round base.

Currently, Das Boot is available in two colors, black and royal blue, and your choice of two logo styles, either graffiti or water-pipe Das Boot logos. So, you can express your own personality, and get the color that matches your pipe the best, all while protecting it and keeping the water extra cold.

Check out some detailed images of our full product line:

DasBoot DasBoot DasBoot DasBoot
Close-up of Das Boot on Jerome Baker pipe. View of our entire product line, on various sizes of water pipes. Close-up of Black and Royal Blue Das Boots on smaller-sized water pipes. Close-up of Das Boot's non-slip bottom.

Click the link below to order your Das Boot for only $7.99!

Color Logo Style


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